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WATCH A Celebrity Get A Tarot Reading- Beauty Guru

Ever wanted to watch a Celebrity get a Tarot Reading?

Today Rachel Anne the YouTube Vlogger & Beauty Guru Joins me for a Personal Celebrity Tarot Reading. We explore her thoughts of tarot reading and what’s on her mind right now. We explore the predictions for her love life and career in this personal reading.

Watch it on YouTube at:ย

You can check out her full reaction to the reading on her channel at:

or watch many of her other videos at:

Watch More Celebrity Tarot and Tarot Readings for Youtubers:

What is Tarot Reading?

Tarot is The Journey of Discovery & Improvement.

The Journey of self discovery and self growth is an ongoing path in each of our lives. Sometimes the path is long and winding and can be hard to traverse. Other times itโ€™s smooth, and we can see the path in front of us with ease.

I wanted to share what I have learned and what I have learned from others on this site and YouTube. As well as my Intuitive tarot reading in the hopes of helping others and learn more about my path on the way.


for more free readings check out my YouTube channel violetann tarot.

Alternatively check out my page of free readings or book a personal private reading on my shop.

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