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    Your Personal Tarot Subscription

    You will get a video tarot card reading by British YouTube Tarot Reader Violetann Tarot.

    Your reading will be a minimum of 6 cards and a minimum of 5mins long but Violetann will take as long as needed and as many cards as needed to get your full reading.

    You will receive a YouTube link to your video which is set to unlisted so only you and anyone you wish to show the video to will have access to it.

    Violetann Tarot Readings ๐Ÿ”ฎ YouTube Tarot Reader

    About Violetann Tarot

    Iโ€™m Jennifer but I go by Violetann Tarot on my YouTube channel. Iโ€™m a Pagan witch from England with a love of meditation, tarot and the Norse goddess Freya.

    I read Intuitively with a mixture of Tarot cards and Oracle cards on live streams and weekly monthly recordings on youtube.

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    Past Personal Tarot Readings

    Some of my clients have been kind enough to be willing to share there readings publicly to give you a example of what my readings are like. bellow are a few of these examples of readings

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