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These are a series of Psychic Training Video designed to help you to train your intuition. I have selected 5 pictures of different objects or places or amounts of objects to help you develop your intuition. Simply follow along with the video and write or draw anything that comes to mind. Just let your intuitive side flow.

You can also watch the full playlist on my YouTube channel Violetann tarot:

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How do you develop your intuition?

Ideally you need to be in a relaxed and quite setting. Somewhere you have time to take pause the video and reflect on your intuitive side.

It can be helpful to have a pen or pencil and some paper to draw or write down anything that your psychic intuition is telling you. Feel free to pause the video at any time to help you to collect your thoughts.

if you would like to learn more about me please check out my about me page or contact me if you have a question.

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