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What is a Pick-A-Card Tarot Reading?

Pick-a-card tarot readings are somewhere between a general reading and personal reading. they are not as personal as a personal tarot reading but they give quick answers and insight when you need it most.

These tarot reading are often have either one question in mind for example how are they feeling pick a card or a simple yes no answer for yes no questions.

How do I do a Pick-A-Card Tarot Reading?

To do a Pick-a-card reading first think of the topic closest to your question for example how they are feeling or if you have a question you wish for a yes or no answer for please choose a yes or no reading.

Then while watching your chosen video focus on your question. using your own intuition focus choose which ever card you feel instinctively drawn to. if you are drawn to more cards it maybe that the outlook is unclear at the time or you may need to clear your mind a little more before trying to pick a card. Sometimes the environments were in can be very busy and distracting which can cause us to get confused.

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