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How to do a pick-a-card reading?

pick-a-card reading also known as pick a pile tarot readings. They are very popular on YouTube and other social media. they allow on-demand tarot readings when ever a client needs a tarot reading.

What is pick a card?

They allow people to use their own intuition to get a tarot reading. Essentially they are on demand tarot readings. A reader might use different things from cards to crystals to help clients. There are many different topics and lengths of pick a card readings. From 1 card reading to full length tarot readings. People use tarot cards, oracle cards or even playing cards for their readings.

Are pick a card readings accurate?

Pick-a-card readings are often seen as not as specific as personal readings. Since one reading maybe be watched by many people. They can help pin down a specific topic which a general reading might not focus on.
You should always use your own intuition when watching any tarot reading. This helps you to focus on what resonates with you.

It is important not to get lost in pick-a-card readings or any tarot readings. Tarot readings can help give us insight but if you watch reading after reading obsessively. You might find yourself confused or too focused on the readings. Rather than taking the actions needed help things progress.


How can you use a pick-a-card reading?


1. Choose your favourite platform or reader.

This maybe be YouTube or Instagram or other social media. There are many readers who do pick a card readings on YouTube.

2. Get an idea of the topic you would like a reading on.

It could be a yes no answer, though these will often give less detail, since they are often meant to be quick and to the point. Alternatively you might have a question to mind “WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR RIGHT NOW”. if you are using YouTube decide on your topic. then search for a topic like that with pick card at the end so “WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR RIGHT NOW pick a card”. Alternatively you could search for simply pick-a-card reading and see which one your drawn to.

3. Listen to any instructions given by the reader.

Once you have found the pick-a-card reading you feel drawn to start watching it. Often the readers will have an introduction to help you with the reading. listen to any instructions they give.

4. Clear your mind and focus.

Try to make sure you have a calm and quite environment so you can clear your mind. Now take a deep breath and clear your mind. Focus on your question. Now look at the piles or trinkets which are used to represent the different readings.
Some of things readers use to help guide you to the right pile include:

  • Piles of cards
  • numbers
  • Flowers
  • Stones
  • Trinkets
  • Images
  • colours

If you don’t feel drawn to any pile try to relax more. Take few more minutes to focus on your question. if you still don’t feel drawn to a pile try watching another video. You might have been drawn to the video to see some other readings the reader has.

4. Watch the pick-a-card reading.

Once you know which pile you are drawn to watch the reading. Often on youtube the reader or other views will post time stamps to the various readings. These are often in the video description or comments section.
It’s important to remember to use your intuition when watching any reading. It’s OK if something isn’t resonating with you. Don’t try to force it to fit. pick-a-card readings are often very general readings.

I hope this has helped you out when using pick-a-card or pick a pile readings. please check out my youtube channel for my latest readings.
If you would like to book a personal reading please check out my shop

Pick-a-card Tarot readings

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