My friend James has been going through a ruff time lately, His mom is at risk from a brain aneurysm and need treatment soon to save her life. Please check out their story and give to their go fund me, every little helps

Hi, my name’s James Lamb and I’m organising this fund raiser to raise some money towards an urgently needed life saving operation for my mum, Linda.

My mum is currently suffering with a brain aneurysm that is at risk of bursting and killing her any moment unless she gets this operation as soon as possible. Living in Cyprus, this is not covered under any public health care so all costs must be paid by my mum, and as a pensioner she simply doesn’t have the funds.

The operation, to insert stent and coils into her brain has to be done in the next couple of months, and without help my mum will be left in an incredibly difficult position! This operation will have a minimum cost of £5000, and so any help towards paying for it would be greatly appreciated.
Please donate anything you can to help, the smallest amount will be a massive help to go towards the cost of this operation

thank you so much

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