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What to know what’s coming up for you next or need some spiritual guidance? Watch your free Zodiac Sign Tarot Readings!

I read intuitive tarot reading for all signs of the zodiac. In the Tarot Readings I do a general tarot reading, a love tarot reading for all signs of the zodiac.

Iโ€™m a British Tarot Reader on YouTube.  I do daily, weekly and monthly readings on YouTube for all signs of the zodiac and Collective Tarot Readings and pick a card readings on InstagramTwitterTikTok and Facebook.

Check out your latest tarot reading for your zodiac sign.

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What is a Zodiac Sign?

Everyone has a zodiac sign. Your Zodiac Sign is based on when you were born. it tells us about what the personality of the person might be like and what life goals they may have in life or challenges they need to face spiritually. Most people think of a person as just their sun sign i.e when they were born but people are much more complex than just their one star sign. Every person has a unique birth chart based on the exact time and place of their birth. it can help give us a more detailed outlook of a person.

What is a Zodiac Tarot Reading?

To group readings for a collective often Tarot readers group readings by their star sign or zodiac sign. this allows the reader to focus on a smaller number of people to read for. Often people will encouraged to watch their sun, moon or rising signs for different aspects of their life depending on what they wish to know about for example a tarot reading on love or a tarot reading on their finances or even a tarot reading about family.

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