Daily Tarot Reading for September 14 2020

This a card of the day for each of the Star signs with a daily reading for love and general tarot reading.

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Angel number / Numerology

Here are the angel number / Numerology based on the timestamps based on all the signs:

Welcome [0:00]

Aries [0:56] 56 ” remain faithful and have trust that all your needs will be taken care of.”

Taurus [2:43] 243 “you are being helped to manifest your desires”

Gemini [4:24] 424 “consider all of your options”

Cancer [5:47] 548 ” changes you have made are bringing abundance in your life.”

Leo [6:51] 651 “maintain a positive attitude to the changes in your life”

Virgo [8:29] 829 “You are supported and guided”

Libra [10:17] 1017 “let go of your regrets, hurts, and disappointments”

Scorpio [11:27] 1127 ” start living your life and to stop focusing on the past”

Sagittarius [13:41] 1341 “Keep optimistic about your future”

Capricorn [15:46] 1546 “Your actions and intentions are bringing better things into your life”

Aquarius [17:49] 1749 “You have been following your intuition well”

Pisces [19:22] 1922 “make your dreams into reality”

Free Personal Card of the Day [21:25] 2125 “make a change in your life, let got of whats unhealthy, have a shake up in life”